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Dreamy - Twist x J-Dilla
06/08/14 | 11:24

In celebration of Twist’s 22nd birthday we are proud to announce the second installment of his Dilla Sessions.

After the release of his previous Dilla freestyle ‘Life’ he follows it up by going over the soulful sounding ‘Dreamy’. Press play and zone out to Twist X Dilla and check back for more Dilla Sessions in the future.

Welcome To
11/05/14 | 15:00

Welcome to the official website of UK independent record label ‘Golden Age Babies’. is the brand new home for everything GAB. Here within the blog is where you will find all the latest news and updates from across the team, whether it be information on releases, events or interviews etc. the blog serves as a central hub for everything GAB related.

Want to know more about the GAB roster? Head over to our ‘Artist’ page where you will find a deeper insight into each individual member of the team. Simply select which artist you would like to view by clicking their name on the left hand side of the page.

So now you know whom our artists are its time to hear them in action. The ‘Releases’ page stands as the GAB catalogue where not only can you watch all of our video releases, you can also stream each track as well download for FREE directly from by simply clicking ‘Download’.

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